flock-psnFlock is, at the moment of writing, an upcoming puzzle video game for multiple platforms. The title is being developed by Proper Games and it will be published by Capcom. The scheduled release date is set to April 9, 2009, on the PlayStation Network. Below you will find a full collection of Flock Trophies for the PlayStation 3.


First Flock! (Bronze): Completed first level.
Lumberjack The Ripper (Bronze): Rip up 50 trees (aggregate total).
The Continuous Cartographer (Bronze): Play through one user-created singleplayer level and one user-created multiplayer level.
Unidentified Flocking Object (Bronze): Abduct 20 animals (aggregate total).
Fertiliser (Bronze): Make 50 piles of poo (aggregate total).
Good Shepherd (Bronze): Flock 25 animals at once.
Don’t Fence Me In (Bronze): Knock over 50 fences with a cow (aggregate total).
King Of The Skies (Bronze): Fly and land 75 chickens (aggregate total).
Make Your Mark (Bronze): Complete 10 crop circles (aggregate total).
Love Bunny (Silver): Use 3 love patches in 3 minutes.
Bowled Over (Silver): Kill 10 chickens with one throw of a boulder – strike!.
Defender Of The Flock (Silver): Complete a level featuring the night-time predator without letting it eat any animals.
Master Flocker (Gold): Get a perfect abduction on all levels, single and multi player