tropico01Summer is not close and hot, sandy beaches are not something we dare to dream about, but I think things will change at least a little bit now following the release of these three new screenshots from the upcoming island government sim game Tropico 3.

After the first two titles in the series were developed by 2K Games and the rights for the third title were purchased by Kalypso Media, I must admit I was very unsure regarding the quality of the final product – to be honest, I felt it was going to suck from all points of view. However, today I am proven that the visuals will be simply amazing and I have higher hopes for a real quality title.

We’ll see for ourselves if Tropico 3 manages to rise to the standards of the previous games in the series sometime during (of course) this summer, when the game is scheduled to hit the game stores. Until then, we can check out once more these first three Tropico 3 screenshots and start dreaming of hot, sandy beaches…