fighting-blowsWell, one thing is clear about Activision: they’re not wasting any time, but that could cost them: with DLC still being announced for Call of Duty World at War and with Modern Warfare 2 still months away, it appears that the company is already preparing for Call of Duty 7 which, according to reports, could be set between the 1960s and 1980s.

Reports from That Videogame Blog say that Activision has been licensing music from that period, Vietnamese music, but also Cuban, African and music created in the Soviet Union. This means that Call of Duty 7 will be set sometime during that period, which would certainly be a good move fan-wise, since we all hate the WWII so much.

Also, the reports suggest that Treyarch might be the ones chosen for this new title, but at the moment that’s all it is: rumors. Activision is declining to comment and we’re wondering if any of these are true. It would make sense, although I am starting to get more and more disgusted by the direction this franchise is headed to: soon we might see two or three CoD titles released at the same time, if they continue it in the same manner…


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