battle-rageData Design Interactive decided that now is the right time to introduce the first “real 3D” game – as they call it – to the Nintendo Wii public. Titled Battle Rage: The Robot Wars, the game will invite you to put on a pair of 3D glasses and take a look into the future like you never did before. I’m still awaiting holograms, but DDI’s game could be a step forward.

Battle Rage: The Robot Wars will be a third person shooter game with beat’em up elements and, as the title suggests, it will allow players to control giant robots. It won’t be a “3D only” game, but the developers promise that only with the glasses on you’ll feel the real experience – especially since the fights will be short, intense and quite brutal, in different types of arenas. Also, different multiplayer combinations will be available: fight alone (versus one, two or even three opponents) or in a team against a common foe. Which, for now, sounds pretty promising. Hopefully we’ll receive some real robots and not toys or cartoons – it’s a Wii game, after all!

However, I must admit that I am quite curious to see how a 3D game looks like. The movie industry is slowly turning toward 3D (there are at least 19 such movies released this year) so it would be no surprise to see players of the future wearing those square glasses. As for me – as I said, I’m still waiting for holograms.