neighbours-from-hellJust like most of the other companies out there, JoWood plans to increase focus on Nintendo’s DS and Wii systems. Therefore, they’ll be testing the market by porting two of their classic titles, The Guild and Neighbours From Hell to Nintendo’s systems. So they’re not risking to bring Gothic to the Wii yet – something which is quite understandable.

“Bringing our most popular and well-known brands to DS and Wii is a great opportunity and illustrates JoWooD’s multi-platform approach.” said David Skreiner, Assistant Producer.

The Guild is an RPG set in an incredibly rich post-medieval world. Its compelling and unique gameplay will translate well to the new hardware, the company considers. Neighbours From Hell is expected to benefit from the innovative control schemes offered by Nintendo’s consoles, but if you don’t feel like making this big step, there’s always an upcoming Pranksterz: From Russia with Love.

Neighbours From Hell is scheduled to be released in the second quarter of 2009. There is no date set for The Guild yet.