After securing publishing rights for two hotly anticipated titles (The Conduit and Ghostbusters), Atari has found time for a fun, old school game, too: The Chase: Felix Meets Felicity, a Nintendo DS platformer title scheduled for release in February next year.

Promising a fresh new approach to the platform genre, The Chase: Felix Meets Felicity places you in the shoes of Felix or Felicity for a race through the town. In classic fashion you’ll have to run, jump and avoid all sorts of bizarre obstacles, with only one goal in mind: beat the clock and impress your other half. The gameplay makes ingenious use of the Nintendo DS stylus to draw platforms to climb and hop across, dodging difficult barriers or anybody who gets in the way.

Trying to prove everybody that nothing can stand in the way of true love, The Chase: Felix Meets Felicity promises to bring Nintendo DS owners a lightning fast gameplay filled with entertaining levels, great enemies and, as it looks good in a platformer’s portfolio, power-ups: Time-Freeze, Love-Rush, Newton-Bomb and the explosive Love-Nuke. Sounds very promising, so we’ll keep our eyes open for more details.