Zynga has finally introduced quests in FarmVille, meaning that now players will have some extra reasons to keep playing the game. The first quest series introduced into FarmVille is the Winter Wonderland Quest and you can find everything about it right here, in the Unigamesity.

There are four quests in the Winter Wonderland series that rewards players with free snow and lights (you know these from the last year). The requirements for all the quest are really simple, so let’s start checking them out with the first one in the Winter Wonderland series in FarmVille is “‘Tis the Season” which requires you to do the following:

– Place the Winter Workshop on your farm (you will receive this automatically, and you can also find a guide for the Winter Workshop here on the website)
– Buy 1 Candy Arch

After completing this quest, you will receive as a reward 100 XP, 2,500 coins and a Pine Tree.

The second quest in the Winter Wonderland series is Under Construction and the requirements are:

– Change the landscape to Snow
– Place 4 parts in your Workshop
– Get 6 Holiday Lights

In order to get the holiday lights in FarmVille, you will have to ask your friends for the items, in a similar manner to FrontierVille where you post on your friends’ walls.

The third quest in the Winter Wonderland series is Holly Red and Wintergreen, and it requires you to do the following:

– Complete the Winter Workshop
– Harvest 100 spinach
– Harvest 100 strawberries

Don’t forget to check back soon, or else the crops will wither!

Finally, the last quest in the Winter Wonderland series is Get in the Spirit and requires the following:

– Harvest the Winter Workshop twice
– Get 6 Cookies (from friends, via requests).

What do you think about the introduction of quests in FarmVille? A nice addition or not?