CityVille is Zynga’s first city building and management game and it’s a quite complex title that comes with some new elements into play. In order to be a great CityVille player, you need a solid strategy to follow and that’s why this article exists: to offer you some tips and tricks for playing the game, as well as count as the FIRST ever CityVille Strategy Guide. Sounds cool enough? It is, so read on to learn how to become a CityVille master player… for FREE!

Let’s start with some great CityVille Tips & Tricks for a winning strategy!

1. Fill in your population cap as soon as possible! Population cap can be increased by building community buildings, and these require neighbors to be hired to fill the positions (or you can pay to fill them). Also, it is your population who purchases the goods and keeps the economy steady, so the more you have, the more potential customers there are.

2. The next logical thing is to have as many opened businesses as possible, since they give you coins if you have the required goods for the supply (the bigger the supply, the more income you get without having to restock, so focus on the buildings with big supply space).

Tip: Place on your map as many open slots as possible and invite your friends to open a franchise there. It costs you nothing and usually the buildings built this way have big supply space!

3. Keep an eye on your goods: you need lots of them to supply your shops and get more money in CityVille. Therefore, keep harvesting (and planting more) and get the goods from the train !

4. Get more neighbors! Neighbors are vital in this game to get extra gifts, energy and, most important, build the structures, therefore you need as many as possible. You can visit this page to get more CityVille neighbors.

5. Focus on Franchises for better income: franchises are stores of the same type built in more cities (yours and your friends’). Once you open a franchise in CityVille, you can access the Franchise HQ from the build menu for some extra coins, and the more stores you have in it, the better the payment! Therefore, another reason to get more neighbors!

6. Build the houses that hold the most population! Pretty soon, you will notice that the space you have in your town is limited and you need to make the most out of it. And although rent is a solid, constant source of income in CityVille, you need the space to open business and farms, so you should have as many houses as possible, holding as many people as possible. This way, your city can thrive!

7. Play daily. You can’t have a solid town if you don’t log in regularly to help your friends and population, so log in at least once per day!

Using these very simple tips & tricks in CityVille, you will manage to build a solid town with a solid economy, so good luck and let us know if you have any tips or tricks of your own to share!


  1. You missed a big strategy!!! Place Decorations around businesses and houses. Decorations adds a bonus payout percentage and doesn’t cost that much. I have my highest producing businesses surrounded by Arboretums and decorations. One business pays out 107% higher than it’s base payout.

  2. my highest payout with decorations is 110%! i used 6 arboretums and flowers. i have yet to unlock the tennis court. just 2 of it will give a 128% payout!

  3. I surounded a shoe store with 9 arbortoriums and alot of flowers (it costed about 30k, but it was worth it.) I then built 9 more shoe stores (on the other side of my city) and surrounded it with buildings. when it is ready to collect (about an hour) i just keep switching the shoe stores in and out of the decorations place. each 1 gives me 1635 coins (+184% payout) so thats a total of 16,350 in 1 hour.i just collect, restock, and off my coputer. i check it every 1-2 hours. P.S. u need a gaint farm, mine is 25% of the starting space

  4. The arboretums don’t have to be adjacent, just close enough to have the business within their range. You can fit 9 as long as you space them properly, and don’t forget your sidewalk. I’m using 8 along with other stuff to work with a 4×4 or a 3×3 business and i get 173% for a 3×3 and 189% for a 4×4. Thanks for the ideas. I’m getting over 2100 for my cinema :D

  5. I am new to Cityville. how do get a supply to my HQ (head quarters) It is my newest goal. I can not find a supply button or how to access one. any suggestions?

  6. im in level 52 and i can raise more money by focusing on my top high businesses and putting with high payout deco;
    1 tower eats=2199coins,
    2 cinemas=1928coins,
    3 wedding store=1571coins,
    4 handbag stor=1371coins
    5 italian resto=1311coins
    6 sushi bar= 1187coins
    7 seafood res= 1278coins

  7. I have my Tower Eats(900 coins profit) at 419% payout.
    That means 900 x 5,19 = 4641 coins for 165 goods.
    You can send the 5 min train for 150 for 1500 coins, so that’s 4641-1650=2991 profit every 5 minutes or so.

  8. Help!! I have somehow down the line missed being mayor and also missed shipping quest, I have 20 thousand population, schools, businesses etc. How do I get the missing quests back into CV??

  9. Hey. I’m new to cityville. Where is the community building and how do I tour? I have went to the town to tour but I’m not getting the credit for it.

  10. Why is everyone trying to show off and act like their decoration bonuses are so good. Mine highest bonus is 1188% without rose gardens. Psh, you guys think your bonuses are good? I get over 52,000 per collect with a level 3 Salvadors.


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