The launch of the Winter Workshop in FarmVille coincided with the introduction of quests into the game (with the Winter Wonderland series). However, this new building we have should also be of great importance to us all, so I have decided to create a complete guide for the FarmVille Winter Workshop. Enjoy!

How to get the Winter Workshop?
You will receive it for free once you log in to FarmVille and then you’ll go into placement mode and place it anywhere you wish on your farm. If you accidentally sell it, you can purchase a new frame from the market for 5,000 coins.

Then, in order to build it, you will need parts – a total of 12 parts are required for completing the Winter Workshop in FarmVille:

– 4 wooden boards,
– 4 nails
– 4 bricks

After gathering the required parts, you will have a level 1 Winter Workshop and, in a similar manner to the Spooky House, you’ll be able to collect Holiday Gifts from it (at the moment of writing, Holiday Gifts have not been released in FarmVille).

There are two more levels of construction; the second level requires forty-five (45) total parts (15 bricks, 15 nails and 15 wooden boards), where the meter will be halfway filled, while the third level requires an additional sixty (60) parts (20 each of the 3 above). The bigger the level of the Winter Workshop, the more Holiday Gifts you’ll get when you harvest it.

Tons of parts are required, so make sure you send as many as possible to your neighbors as well!


  1. My icon also disappeared, after completing Level III. It has not returned. Not sure how/if I can get it back. Has this happened to anyone else??


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