Zynga is preparing to celebrate Father’s Day in FarmVille and they will do so in style, by releasing a new series of missions in our favorite farm simulator, the Father’s Day quests. I am here, as always, to share with you all the details about the Father’s Day missions in FarmVille, so check out the requirements and details about rewards below.

The Gift Of Sleep
– Get 4 Recliners
– Harvest 50 Blueberries
– Harvest Pet Run Habitat Twice
Rewards: 125 Xp, Cub Recliner and 2500 Coins

Gone Fishin’
– Get 6 Fishing Poles
– Harvest 75 Aloe Vera
– Make 1 Fertilize All Recipe
Rewards: 150 XP, Fishing Horse, Large Crowbar and 3000 Coins

New Math
– Get 8 Calculators
– Harvest Pineapples x 100
– Harvest Fishing Horse Once
Rewards: 175 Xp, Book of Xp, Large Fishing Net and 3500 Coins

Star Gazers
– Get 9 Telescopes
– Harvest Petipan Squash x 125
– Make Arborists Recipe x 1
Rewards: 200 XP, Astronomer Sloth, Large Crowbar and 4000 Coins

Kindness Is Catchy
– Get 9 Baseball Mitts
– Harvest Sunflowers x 150
– Master Fishing Horse To Level 1
Rewards: 225 XP, Baseball Bobie, Large Fishing Net and 4500 Coins

Passing Gas
– Get 9 Gas Cards
– Harvest Grapes x 150
– Harvest Astronomer Sloth Once
Rewards: 250 XP, Unwither x 1, Large Crowbar and 5000 Coins

Tickets To Paradise
– Get 10 Football Tickets
– Harvest Peanuts x 150
– Harvest Baseball Boobie Once
Rewards: 275 XP, Father And Son Duck, Large Fishing Net and 5500 Coins

I’ll Fly Away
– Get 11 Plane Tickets
– Harvest Soybeans x 150
– Make Farmhands Recipe x 1
Rewards: 300 Xp, 3x Mystery Game Darts and 6000 Coins

9 Hugs For Dad
– Get 12 hug 4 Dad
– Harvest Bell Peppers x 150 (All Bell Pepper Crops Are Valid For This Task)
– Harvest Baseball Boobie To Achieve Level One Mastery
Rewards: 325 Xp, Bear Hug and 6500 Coins

And these are the missions in the Father’s Day series in FarmVille. What do you think about them?