Enjoy the Great Outdoors: FarmVille Summer Fun Countdown

Enjoy the Great Outdoors: FarmVille Summer Fun Countdown

The Summer Fun Countdown has started in FarmVille and, just like all the countdowns in the game, it means that we’ll have a series of 12 days filled with great prizes if we manage to get some items from our friends and actually win those prizes. Because gone are the days when all you had to do to get some goodies in FarmVille was to log in for X consecutive days in the row…

But I am sure you are really curious to find out more about the FarmVille Summer Fun countdown rewards and requirements, so check out the details below and enjoy!

Day 1: Collect 3 Sleeping Bags to get Sleeping Bear
Day 2: Collect 4 Matches to get Barbecue Gnome
Day 3: Collect 5 Watermelon Slices to get Watermelon Sheep
Day 4: Collect 6 Jump Ropes to get Jump Rope Squirrel
Day 5: Collect 6 Tanning Lotion to get Tanning Pig
Day 6: Collect 6 Climbing Ropes to get Climbing Tree
Day 7: Collect 8 Hula Hoops to get Hula Hoop Cat
Day 8: Collect 8 Chalks to get Hopscotch Rabbit
Day 9: Collect 10 Walking Sticks to get Hiking Chicken
Day 10: Colect 10 Fire Logs to get Animals Roasting Marshmallows
Day 11: Collect 12 Inner Tubes to get Tubing Duck
Day 12: Collect 12 Rose Bouquets to get Summer Cherry Tree

If you manage to get all the 12 rewards of the FarmVille Summer Fun Countdown, then you will receive a mega reward, the Summer Stallion.