Great news, everybody! Zynga is slowly rolling in the Crafting Buildings in FarmVille and we’ll finally be able to take advantage of the Winery, the Spa or the Bakery we’ve chosen a while ago. And even though the feature is not live and the actual Crafting Buildings do not exist (for now), there are a bunch of extra details released and we’re happy to present you with the first FarmVille Crafting Buildings guide on the internet!

You can check out the FarmVille Crafting Buildings in the Farmer’s Market by clicking the market stall. There, near the Use tab you can see the goods section which is empty for now, but soon the feature will be released.

So how does the FarmVille Crafting Building works?

You have different recipes depending on the building you have chosen (winery, bakery, spa) and you need different ingredients (bushels) to turn them into goods. If you don’t have all the needed bushels (and you probably won’t) you will be allowed to shop for them from your neighbors, then make multiple recipes at a time up to the limit of your workspace. You can only have a maximum of 200 goods at any given time.

But that’s not all! The goods you create in the Crafting Buildings can be improved by improving the recipes. And how to improve the recipes for the goods? Simply making or selling a good gives you experience, with selling giving you the most experience for the recipe. You also get 90% of the price of each good you sell to friends.

Upgrading your recipes is vital since that’s what you need in order to upgrade your Crafting Buildings in FarmVille and get new recipes! Your workspace also increases once you upgrade your building, meaning that you can produce more goods!

Finally, if you wish to, you will be allowed to trade your goods for fuel and pretty soon, according to Zynga, we’ll be allowed to trade goods for special items and bonuses. Oh, pretty joy!

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This release of the Crafting Buildings in FarmVille is highly anticipated and I’m sure everybody will love it. So don’t forget to share this guide with your friends to help them get going too!