Zynga has been teasing us with the Treasure Isle Fire Showel for quite some time now – since the launch of the Fire God Mountain if I remember correctly – but finally the new super-item has been released and it is clear that the wait was totally worth it! Read on to find out what makes the Fire Shovel so special and how to get it.

So what does the fire shovel do? It allows you to dig three tiles at a time, at the cost of one tile, which makes it a must have for every treasure hunter.

How can one get the Fire Shovel? Well, it’s pretty simple: all you have to do is finish the Fire God Mountain and the special shovel will be automatically unlocked for you.

Unfortunately, the shovel doesn’t come with unlimited uses, on the contrary: you only get one Fire Shovel dig per day from your Phoenix and you can also find out additional fire shovels while in the Fire God Mountain. Let’s just hope that Zynga will think at other ways to give us additional fire shovels since they are really cool!

Did you get your Fire Shovel in Treasure Isle?