With the introduction of the “Outside” in Cafe World, Zynga revealed the upcoming new feature of the game: the Cafe World Catering Business. This is an upcoming feature that has yet to be released, but we can still prepare for it and get all the needed materials.

Because, yes, like with the special stoves, the Cafe World Catering Business requires us to get some help from our neighbors: we need to collect 12 of each of the following categories: Friendly Advice, Recommendations and VIP Clients.

We can only ask for help by direct request, but unlike in the past, if our neighbors decide to help us, they will also receive 25 free VIP Dinners, which will certainly make them at least a bit more altruist.

It is not known yet when will the Cafe World Catering be fully launched, but it doesn’t hurt to be ready as soon as possible. And if you don’t have enough neighbors, you will certainly find more in Unigamesity’s article dedicated to finding more Cafe World Neighbors.