Now virtual chefs who are tired of working inside their Cafe World restaurants and need a little break can go outside and enjoy the new feature introduced by Zynga. I’m sure that you’d like to get all the details on this new feature so I’ll share them with you in order to make sure that you get the most out of this great new addition that expands the game!

The Cafe World outside is a feature players have been asking for a long time: we’re finally able to see the outside of our restaurants, customize its looks and have access to even more features! You can access the Outside section by clicking the icon in the lower left corner of the game window.

Once outside, you should start decorating, which is done in a similar way to the inside: start by adding a roof, planting trees and adding extra decorations, like menus and trees.

Selecting a roof is a little different. Just click on the roof and you will be able to preview it’s appearance on your café! If you decide to keep that roof, just click ‘Yes’ on the confirmation screen. Click ‘No’ to try another roof.

Even more, the Cafe World Outside will also come with a new feature: the Cafe World Catering, but more about it in a future post! Until then, share your thoughts with our readers: what do you think about this new Cafe World feature?