There are three new and really special crops in FarmVille now: the Organic BlueBerries, the Rye and Triticale. We’re going to share with you all the details of these great new crops, hoping that it will be a lot easier for you to understand how they work. So let’s start with the FarmVille Organic BlueBerries!

The Organic BlueBerries are a limited edition sponsored item: a cross-promotion between Zynga and Cascadian Farm, this crop is available until July 26 only. Like all the limited edition items, the Organic Blueberries do not create bushels, but they have some pretty nice stats: costs: 20 coins, ready in: 4 hours, sells for: 80 coins. You can also master the Organic BlueBerries for a really nice sign, but you’d better hurry up because you need to harvest 1,200 crops in order to get it!

The FarmVille Rye is a new permanent crop unlocked for players level 21 and above. The rye seeds cost 140 coins, are ready for harvest in 20 hours and give you 290 coins in return. In order to master this crop, you will have to harvest 900 crops for the first level, 1,800 for the second and 2700 for the third. And you should do your best to master Rye as soon as possible!

And I say that because the latest crop introduced in FarmVille, Triticale, is a limited edition crop that only gets unlocked for players level 23 and above who have already mastered Rye. The triticale crops grow in 8 hours, cost 60 coins and give you 130 coins. These can be also mastered and here are the crops needed for each level: 800, 1600, 2400. It is unknown right now for how long will the Triticale crops be available in the market.