Since you’ve build almost everything on Facebook, why not simply create your house, exactly as you see it fit? If you like the idea, Big Blue Bubble’s got you covered with Home Sweet Home Online, a pretty game that lets you have fun while building up your house.

You start up with just some coins and one room, but pretty soon you’ll be able to build more rooms, decorate them exactly as you see fit and let others rate your house. And it’s not all that boring – while you’re waiting for the furniture or extra rooms to be built, you can play mini games to earn extra cash.

At the moment, there are 4 minigames to choose from: Odd Man Out (a cool spot the difference game), Hardware Store (a classic time management game), Match Two, Master of Disguise (another matching game) and Tool Drop (a catch the items game).

Home Sweet Home is still in early beta and the game still has a lot of bugs and flaws, the social element is almost non-existent and overall the game is not as charming as it could’ve been – actually it gets quite boring really soon. Add to that some below average visuals and very few customization options and you won’t have a triple A game to enjoy.

But, who knows, maybe the future updates will turn Home Sweet Home into a really sweet game, so check it out on Facebook.

Do you like the game or not?