Zynga has decide to help us quite a lot in the battle against time by making things easier when it comes to building stuff in FarmVille: starting today, using common parts for buildings or other items like the shovels or watering cans is a lot easier: Now you can add these items from your gift box simply by clicking on what accepts them!

So all you have to do is open your Gift Box, click on “Use” under the Watering can (or any other similar item) and then simply start clicking on the highlighted items: FarmVille will automatically highlight the items that can use the one you’ve selected to make things even easier. Simply click until you feel it’s OK to stop (or until you run out of items or finish the building) and you’re done! No need to click on your inventory items alone!

You can currently use the following items using this method from your Gift Box:

– Beeswax
– Smoker
– Blanket
– Bottle
– Harness
– Horseshoe
– Brick
– Wooden Board
– Nail
– Shovels
– Watering Cans