Sanctum, the world’s first FPS tower defense game, manages to deliver a lot of quality time and usually it’s all without the bugs like crashes and freezes bigger games have. However, there are a few players that encounter crashes or performance issues with Sanctum and I’ve decided to create this guide to tell you how to fix these Sanctum crashes, freezes or performance issues.

1. Fix Sanctum Crashes

Fortunately, there are not many reports of crashes in the game, except some very few crashes to the desktop during the Splash Screen. The solution is really simple: Find your Sanctum\SanctumGame\Config folder and open the SanctumEngine.ini file. Then perform the following change:


2. Fix Sanctum Performance Issues

If you have problems running the game – despite it’s really low requirements, you can try to:

1) Close all the background applications before running the game, including Internet browsers or antivirus software.
2) Edit the file ‘sanctumengine.ini’ (find it in the Sanctum/SanctumGame/Config folder) and change the line “bSmoothFrameRate=TRUE” to “bSmoothFrameRate=FALSE”.

I hope this helps you solve all the problems that you encounter when you run Sanctum.