Zynga is going to close down Mafia Wars on MySpace pretty soon, but the developers do care about their players and are doing everything they can to make sure that the loyal Mafia Wars players on MySpace can continue playing the game on MafiaWars.com (where you still need a Facebook account to play, though) – however, I guess that we can say that it’s better than nothing at all!

So, starting now, all the MySpace Mafia Players over level 30 will receive a personalized PIN code every time they log in – you should make sure to keep the PIN code in a safe place, because that’s how you’ll be able to continue playing the game on MafiaWars.com from the same place you were on MySpace!

After going to MafiaWars.com, there are 3 possible outcomes.

A) You’ve incorrectly entered the PIN code (there’s a typo). You will need to re-enter the correct PIN code. 10 incorrect attempts in 5 minutes will prevent the system from recognizing any code for the next 10 minutes.

B) You entered a PIN code that has already been redeemed. This code is already used. This is only possible if the code was not kept secure.

C) The PIN code is correctly entered and not previously used.

If C) is the case, you will be presented with two options:

A) Overwrite your existing MafiaWars.com account with a pre-constructed account.

B) Apply a lump-sum Reward Point package to your existing MafiaWars.com account.

If you choose A), your previous MafiaWars.com account details will be erased completely and replaced with a pre-constructed account.

Pretty difficult, huh?