farmville-flower-shedFarmville just got some extra goodies: flowers that can now be sent as gifts to your neighbors and Garden Sheds. Let’s find out some details about each of these additions and let’s start with the answer to the question we all have on our lips: what are the Garden Sheds and how can you use them?

Well, for starters, Garden Sheds are available to only a group of users in FarmVille (I, for example, don’t have the Garden Sheds but fortunately my girlfriend does). In order to get yourself a Garden Shed, you must have at least 10 Neighbors and 30,000 coins (or 30 FarmCash). So you’d better check out the previous post to add more Farmville neighbors to spare you some real money! Now here’s the deal with the flowers and garden sheds:

While harvesting flowers, you will randomly receive a “Perfect bunch” of flowers. These can be placed in your Garden Shed, which can hold up to 30 perfect bunches. These perfect bunches are actually the giftable flowers: if you don’t have a Garden Shed but you harvest a Perfect bunch, then you will be able to put a post on your wall and let any of your friends pick up the flowers (just like with lost animals) and use them as decoration on their Farmville farm. If you do have a Garden Shed, you can put the bunch there and click it whenever you wish to share a specific amount of flowers with your neighbors. Or, if you want to, to simply take out some perfect flowers from the shed and use it to decorate your own farm.

With all these new additions, all we can do is hope that Zynga will introduce bigger farms soon (and more buildings with purpose!) since mine is starting to get filled up…

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  1. You say there is a Special Offer on the Farmville Guide for 17.93 however, it is only showing a price of 27.00. How do I get the reduced price?

  2. I’m sorry, Wendy, it appears that I’ve had the currency set on something else, or God knows what happened. $27 is the real price, indeed! I have changed that on the article, thanks a lot for the heads up!

  3. Hii,
    I just had a query, actually i had bought the garden shed and it was full of bunches. I did plant some of them though. My ques is that now i m not able to locate that garden shed on the farm, dunno where it has gone. Now when I harvest flowers, the perfect bunches get added to the garden shed and then I get an option of ‘share’ when I click on that then only the garden shed opens, and then I get to place one bunch on the farm. But m not able to locate the shed so that I can empty it. plx help me.. :(

  4. I’m certainly concerned…….i am really upset that i caint find nothin i bot heere on my farmville? where’s all that sh** go anyways?


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