One of the most popular features of FarmVille is the Crop Mastery, with all of us doing our best to master all those great crops in the game to three stars. But if you started to play FarmVille 2, you probably were surprised to find out that there is no crop mastery in the game.

However, that is not entirely true! Crop Mastery exists in FarmVille 2, but you need to unlock it first by reaching level 7 in the game. As soon as you get enough experience to reach level 7 in the game, you will unlock crop mastery as well, and you will see a new icon near each crop, as well as be awarded with mastery signs as soon as you get the first star for any crop.

Crop Mastery functions in FarmVille 2 exactly as it does in FarmVille, meaning that you must harvest a specific number of crops in order to earn a new star (which, in this case, is a ribbon). There are 3 mastery levels and each of its crops has its own requirements, so you should feel at home with mastering the crops of FarmVille 2.