gabe-newell-boomerThe folks over at Clan Base have created an amazing list of top, high quality Left 4 Dead skins you can download and use in order to enhance your zombie slaying experience. And if you’re one of those gamers who were not really pleased to hear the announcement of Left 4 Dead 2, there’s also a bonus Gabe Newell boomer skin up for grabs.

You can go check out the picks by clicking on this link or you can read more about the Left 4 Dead skins here.

First on offer is a strangely highly enjoyable Hello Kitty skin for Zoey‘s shirt – one that proves that the brand can indeed work with everything, from toys to zombies. Second, you can grab the Francis ‘Hells Angel’ Skin for Left 4 Dead: not quite impressive, but if you think that the Hells Angels are one of the most violent gangs out there, it starts to make sense.

Also, for the beer-lovers, there’s a Heineken Molotov Cocktail Skin, while those who wish to see some more variety when it comes to the zombies, there are the Venom Tank Skin (which replaces Tank’s appearance with the looks of the comic book character Venom), the Blood Stain Witch Skin which promises to be more terrifying than ever and, as I said already, the cherry on top, the Gabe Newell Boomer Skin for Left 4 Dead. All these can be downloaded by following the link I gave you above. Enjoy and thank ClanBase for the great list!