maxpayne3-teaserWe still have little details regarding the highly anticipated shooter Max Payne 3, but at least we know when Take Two is going to release it, thanks to a report from Live Playstation. According to the blog, the release date for Max Payne 3 is November 30 this year! Which is not a huge surprise – we always knew it will hit just in time for the Christmas madness, but it’s always good to know the exact date.

The confirmation, even though not from the developers themselves, seems official enough. listed Max Payne’s release date as November 30 and, when asked about its validity, they wrote: “Please be advised that the release date for this item, currently scheduled for 30/10/09, has been given to us by the developers of the game.”

So there you have it! The game will finally see daylight by the end of November!