F-16 Multirole Fighter is a flight simulation game which was developed and published by NovaLogic. The game, which is focused on the F-16 Fighting Falcon simulation, was released in 1998. Below you will find a full collection of cheats for F-16 Multirole Fighter.


Press T to display the message prompt, then type any of the codes below.

Unlimited ammunition -> you got what i need
Reload weapons -> food goes here
Refuel -> big gulp
Invincibility -> youre here forever
Disable crashes -> damn that corner
Repair damage -> chiliburger
Plane cannot be hit -> spindive
Auto level, fly upside down -> upside down
Paper airplane -> paperairplane
Cannot crash on water -> water boy
Display throttle -> show throttle
Display speed in mach units -> show mach
Display air speed -> show velocity
Display ground speed -> show ground speed
Display fuel usage -> show fuel
Display fuel usage as % -> show fuel usage
Display altitude in feet -> show altitude
Display angle of attack -> show aoa
Toggle blackouts -> blackout
Toggle flameouts -> flameout
Toggle flatspins -> flatspin
“Yes he does” message -> patsux