bioshock2-multiplayerOne of the biggest new features in BioShock 2 was the introduction of multiplayer. And now that we’ve managed to find out how to fix all the BioShock 2 crashes and freezes, it’s time to enjoy the game and find out everything about the game’s multiplayer mode. Fortunately, the official forums answer our questions and it’s pretty easy to have an organized article. So read on to find out all the details you need to know about the BioShock 2 multiplayer:

How many Characters are in the Multiplayer modes of BioShock 2?
There is a total of 10 known characters for multiplayer at the launch of the game, but 2 have yet to be released (at the moment of writing). The known characters are:

Jacob Norris – The Welder
Barbara Johnson – The Housewife
Danny Wilkins – The Athlete
Buck Raleigh – The Businessman
Naledi Atkins – The Pilot
Suresh Sheti – The Mystic
Zigo d’Acosta – The Fisherman [Pre-Order Exclusive Character]
Mlle Blanche de Glace – The Actress [Pre-Order Exclusive Character]

How many maps will there be in Multiplayer?
So far, only 6 have been confirmed: Arcadia, Fontaine’s Home for the Poor, Hephaestus, Kashmir Restaurant, Neptune’s Bounty, Mercury Suites.

What game modes will there be in Multiplayer?
Survival of the Fittest: Free-for-All mode
Last Splicer Standing: Free-for-All, with no respawning.
Civil War: Team Death Match.
Capture the Sister: BS2’s version of Capture the flag.
ADAM Grab: There is only one Little Sister in the level, and each player is tasked with capturing and keeping her for as long as possible, earning ADAM continuously in the process. The player who managed to keep the Little Sister for the longest amount of time wins.
Team ADAM Grab: Team ADAM Grab is the team-based variant to ADAM Grab. Players are split into teams, and have to capture and keep the Little Sister in the level for as long as possible. Every member of the team currently in possession of the Little Sister will receive an ADAM income. The team who managed to keep the Little Sister for the longest amount of time wins.
Turf War: BS2’s King of the Hill.

What’s with becoming a Big Daddy in Bioshock 2’s multiplayer?
The player can become a Rosie by finding its suit which spawns randomly in the level. Once the player becomes a Rosie they will have access to the Rivet Gun, Proximity Mines and a Big Daddy stomp which stuns enemy players.

When turning into a Big Daddy, the player’s health will be significantly increased, although they won’t be able to replenish it. Killing the Rosie also yields a significantly bigger ADAM reward, which places said Rosie as a prime target. Once the Big Daddy is defeated, the suit will spawn again in the level.

What Plasmids are in Multiplayer?
Winter Blast
Geyser Trap: A prototype of the original Cyclone Trap, Geyser Trap allows traps to be placed, which when touched, will shoot out a burst of water, throwing enemies into the air. The caster can also use this feature to perform powerful jumps
Aero Dash: Aero Dash will enable players to move forward in a straight line with high speed. When opponents are hit with Aero Dash, they will receive damage and will fall to the ground, where they can be attacked again. In combination with Winter Blast, players can freeze opponents and shatter them.
Houdini Plasmid :The Houdini Plasmid will allow the user to turn invisible. When using this Plasmid, disappearing and reappearing creates the same “cloud” effect as Houdini Splicers.

What weapons will be in the Multiplayer?
Pistol, Machine Gun, Shotgun, Grenade Launcher, Chemical Thrower, Research Camera, Crossbow

What do you do with the Research Camera in Bioshock 2’s Multiplayer?
In multiplayer, the player will always have it equipped, and can use it to research dead bodies (by pressing a “research” button which pops up when near an enemy corpse), granting them a damage bonus against that particular enemy during the round. It takes a small amount of time to photograph a corpse, leaving the player open to attack. Though if you die or become a Big Daddy, you lose all damage bonus against that particular enemy.

How does the advancement system work in Multiplayer?
The multiplayer menu will be an interactive apartment in Rapture, belonging to the player’s character. One of the interactive elements of the player’s apartment will include listening to new messages on their answering machine that they will unlock after each new level. These messages will advance a unique narrative and provide new background information that the player will only find through playing multiplayer.

The player will earn ADAM by playing online matches and completing trials. As they collect ADAM, they will level up. With each level advancement they will unlock new weapons, Plasmids, and Gene tonics to customize their character. The player can create three separate loadouts and switch between them when respawning. It is prudent to use a loadout that complements one’s teammates in the team-based modes. At the start of the multiplayer experience, the player will only have access to the Pistol and the Shotgun, as well as the Electro Bolt, Incinerate! and Winter Blast Plasmids and no Gene tonics. However, after advancing through the game they will receive the Machine Gun, followed by other new tools.

There are 40 levels of character advancement and four “clubs” (overarching ranks), presumable with ten levels of advancement per club. So far, only two clubs are known: the Bronze Club and the Silver Society. Along with levelling, there will be “trials” in multiplayer requiring the player to complete a certain task, such as killing a certain amount of enemies using a specific Weapon or Plasmid. These trials will have several levels, each subsequent one harder to attain.