bio2As we’ve seen for ourselves, the BioShock 2 version of the game suffers from crashes, freezes and other problems and there are some not really happy fixes for the problems – like downgrading to DirectX9, even though this doesn’t solve all the BioShock 2 trouble.

Fortunately for us, as it was expected from a big a great developer, 2K Games announced that BioShock developers 2K Marin are working on a fix for Bioshock 2 and computer fans should get it as soon as possible.

“I am compiling a complete list with a nifty screenshot for you, but in short: Yes, there’s a problem, yes, a fix is on the way, yes the view will expand horizontally for you widescreen gamers,” said the developer.

Let’s hope that the patch will indeed make the game playable by everybody, otherwise it would be such a huge loss!


  1. I’ve almost completed the PC version of Bioshock 2 and I haven’t had a single issue. No freezes, or crashes. And it runs at a high frame rate. I guess I should find some wood to knock on now…

  2. I got Bioshock 2 when it came out at bestbuy and installed it on my PC and installed the patch`s as well and i still cant get the bloody thing to work. When i try single player it acts like it wants to load but does nothing and on MP it crashes so this game is just a big waste of money for those who are on windows xp sp3 and i`m running a 32″ HDTV 1080 as my monitor with a HDMI cable going to my video card and my system is supper fast but alas bioshock 2 wont run but bioshock 1 does just fine.

  3. I agree with joe this game disappoints me i had high hops but just like the first one the pile of problems just kept stacking i swear its like attempting to install and get the gaming going in itself is a challenge. im glad i didn’t buy this game stupid game


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