bioshockfreezesBioShock 2 was just launched (a bit later than the pirated copies, unfortunately) but reports from gamers all over the world are already pouring, with users complaining of BioShock 2 crashes and freezes. Although these game crashes, freezes and error messages don’t appear to be widespread, there are still a number of gamers that get them and we’re trying here in the Unigamesity to find a fix for all these BioShock 2 problems.

So… how to fix the BioShock 2 crashes and freezes? First of all, make sure that your drivers are updated and your computer meets the required system specifications to run the game. Also, if the game tends to lock-up while playing or have problems with the frame rate, try reducing the graphics to minimum levels.

Amongst the problems I’ve seen posted by gamers on the BioShock 2 forums, I’ve noticed a strange one:

“BioShock2.exe – Entry Point Not Found
The procedure entry point _except_handler4_common could not be located in the dynamic link library msvcrt.dll.”

Apparently this problem is caused by the surround sound, so it might work out if you switched to stereo mode!

Apart from that, users with Windows 7 seem to have the most problems with BioShock 2, with the game crashing to the desktop after the intro movie loads, with the error message: “Bioshock 2 has stopped working” For now, we weren’t able to find a possible solution to this problem, but we’re searching.

What about you? Did you encounter any problems/freezes/crashes while running BioShock 2. If so, did you manage to find a fix? Please share your experience with our users, maybe you’ll help them fully enjoy a great game!

UPDATE: It appears that some of the BioShock 2 crashes to desktop come from the usage of DirectX 10. Apparently, running the game in DirectX 9 mode will solve your crash problems. Here’s what you have to do in order to run BioShock 2 in DirectX 9 (for Vista and Windows 7 users only!):

Click Start. Select Games from the right hand side (should list documents music and games). A new window will open with the icon for Bioshock 2 inside. Right click this icon and select Bioshock2 (DX9).

If you have classic view enabled, Click Start, Select Games, Select Games Explorer and a new window will open with the BioShock 2 icon. Right click it and select Bioshock2 (DX9). Hope this helps, will keep you updated if any other fixes are found!

2nd UPDATE: Thanks to our great readers, especially Hoper, we have another fix that is said to work. Here’s what to do:

Delete everything in here”

Or whatever folder you have saves in, and then start the game. It will work!