falloutnewvegasnevasdaI thought that the first batch of extra New Vegas details were all we were going to get for at least one month, but apparently I was wrong: there are even more Fallout: New Vegas details revealed by the PSM3, and we’ll gladly share them with you, noting that, just like Fallout 3, New Vegas is becoming a game to put on your top “most anticipated games” list!

Here are the brand new game details, as revealed on Duck and Cover:

– It shows the command wheel for followers, with 8 commands: toggle melee/ranged, open inventory, toggle stay close/keep distance, back up, toggle aggressive/passive AI, use stimpack, toggle wait here/follow me, return to normal dialogue.
– Scripting is wittier, characters more distinct. Example from vigor test word association: mother-human shield.
– Opening inventory consists of a kit from the doc, adapted to your starting stats (like Fallout 1).
– The Nevada area is less affected by the nuclear war, so it has plant life, relatively unspoiled houses, and in visual presentation has saturated colors and a bright sky.
– There’s a tutorial (led by a character named Sunny who looks a lot like Moira Brown), but unlike Fallout 3, it’s optional, so you can hit the open game in 5 minutes from starting.
– NCR and Caesar’s Legion are the confirmed faction, article assumes Brotherhood of Steel will be in but they weren’t mentioned in the presentation.
– “In New Vegas it’s all about the player examining the ideologies of the various groups that are controlling the area and supporting one over the others,” explains Sawyer. “Each of the ideologies will have something good that you can relate to, but will also have massive flaws.”
– The New Vegas strip is still in construction but will have gambling, variety shows and concerts.
– Electrical power is key in the faction struggle.
– Radiation is still a problem, there’s a nuclear test site to explore north of New Vegas.
– The soundtrack will blend “Rat Pack style tunes with more Western numbers”.
– New Vegas doesn’t tell a single-player story, but weaves decision into the gameworld and gives you greater power to influence things than Fallout 3 did.
– On top of adding back in geckos, New Vegas has a whole new type of animal: mutated mountain rams called Big Horners.