There is a new buildable in Cafe World, out there to help us celebrate Halloween early on: the Jack-O-Lantern and you can build it with the help of your friends, a bit easier than the special cooking buildables in the game. Read on to find out everything about the Jack-O-Lantern in Cafe World and Jack-O-Lantern Links for faster building!

How to get Jack-O-Lantern in the game?
First you have to place it on your cafe: find it in the Functional -> Special Items tab (the one that looks like a diamond) and place it in your cafe. Next, you will need a bunch of materials to complete the Jack-o-Lantern and get it running in Cafe World. Here are the required items:

– 8 knives
– 8 spoons
– 8 marker
– 8 candle

What does the Jack-o-Lantern do in Cafe World? It summons spooky patrons to visit your cafe, for a complete Halloween effect (you can turn off this “effect” by dragging the Jack-o-Lantern to your inventory).

Now, as promised, here are the gift links for the Jack-o-Lantern (send the gifts to your friends):

Jack-O-Lantern knives link
Jack-O-Lantern spoons link
Jack-O-Lantern marker link
Jack-O-Lantern candle link

Good luck building the Jack-O-Lantern and bringing in the spook to your cafe for Halloween!


  1. How do i get my jack-o-lantern to apply towards the mission “trick or treaters 1″ ? It says i need to “acquire” the jack-o-lantern, but i had it before those missions even showed up. I tried putting it back away and then going and putting it out again, but it still won’t show up as counting. It’s the only thing i still need still to finish that mission and it won’t let me go further. What should i do? Thanks.


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