There is a great new game out there in Restaurant City that prepares you to go into Halloween spirit: the Ghouls game that has you clicking different types of scary monsters to win rewards and, of course, save Gourmet Street of all the trouble! Read on to find out everything about the ghouls clicking game in Restaurant City!

Where to find the Ghouls and Monsters in Restaurant City?
The monsters will appear randomly in your friends’ restaurants, your restaurant or on the street. Also, make sure to visit gourmet Street were you will find rare Ghouls not found anywhere else!

There are also sweet rewards awarded for zapping ghouls, and the rewards change every day (every 24 hours). Here is the number of zapping points required to collect your Restaurant City rewards:

– 150 points: Daily Bronze prize
– 400 points: Daily Silver prize
– 800 points: Daily Gold prize

Also, to the left side of the screen, you can see a ghoul meter – the yellow bar with a pumpkin on top. This meter fills up as you destroy ghouls in Restaurant City and when it fills up, you receive a mystery reward! Clicking on the pumpkin at the top of the meter will let you know how many points you currently have. These rewards also change from day to day, like the prizes!

How many monsters have you destroyed in Restaurant City today?