Game by RogueJoker. A short Pixelhunter with only a few items. It would be so much easy if it wasn’t pixelhunting in it. So, here is a Walkthrough for the ones who cannot get past pixelhunting games :D

NOTE: This game is a real Pixelhunter, so follow me as much as you can to understand. And to Navigate Left & Right, simply move your Mouse/Cursor over Bottom-Right or Bottom-Left, arrow will appear, and click to move Right or Left. And there are also some Up & Down Arrows, but I’ll reveal them in the Walkthrough!


1. Take the Green Crowbar [Top-Left]! Open the 2nd Door on Cupboard, from Left to Right [You have to click on the Door Knob, in order to open it], and take the Glue!

2. Move Left! Take the Rock [Bottom-Right of Cupboard], and Move Left!

3. Click on the Logs on Top of the Log Pile, to move them. Look carefully behind the Logs you moved, you’ll see something Brown and Circle-Shaped. Click to take Door Knob!

4. Move Right! Put the Door Knob on the Left-Side Door of Cupboard [You have to put the Door Knob on the small Black Circle, where a Door Knob is suppose to be] – Click the Door Knob to open the Door of Cupboard, and take Lighter Fluid (Lol, the Knob disappears once you close the Door)!

5. Move Left 2 Times! Place Rock on Bottom-Left side of the Garage Door [Don’t place it on the Garage Door, but on the Floor]. Place the Crowbar on the Rock, and click on the Stone Pile on Left-Side of the Crowbar, to lift the Garage Door. Take the 1st Dial Half-Piece, under the Garage Door [It’s between Bottom & Bottom-Right of the Garage Door, silver color]!

6. Move Right! You see the Axe. Move your Cursor/Mouse over the Axe’s Silver part, and then slowly move your Cursor to the Right. Once you’re near the Black cover, you’ll notice that the Cursor will change into a Hand. Once it does that, click your Left Mouse Button, to zoom into a bucket. Click on Top-part of Bucket to zoom in, take Sponge, and zoom out [Arrow on Middle-Top]!

7. You see the Grease, near the Middle-Left side of the Left-Side Wall [It’s Yellow colored]. Click to zoom in, use Sponge [Click, click, click], until you can see the Arrows, and remember them: Right, Right, Right, Left, Right, Left, Left, Right – zoom out [Arrow at Middle-Bottom]!

8. Move Right! Move your Cursor around the Bottom-Left side part of the Cupboard, until your Cursor changes into a Hand. Once it does, click to zoom in, take 2nd Half-piece of Dial, and zoom out [Arrow at Bottom-Middle]! Click on the 2 Half-pieces in your Inventory, and a pop-up window will appear, with the 2 Half-pieces. Use Glue to attach them together, and close window!

9. Click on the Silver Square on Top-Right side of the Cupboard [Looks like a Mirror], to zoom in. Put the Dial inside the Ring in the Middle, and note that there are 2 Arrows, to turn the Dial. One on Right-Side, and the other on Left-Side. Use the Code from the Wall, or follow me [2 Options]:

– Click on the Left-Side Arrow 3 Tiems
– Click on the Right-Side Arrow 1 Time
– Click on the Left-Side Arrow 1 Time
– Click on the Right-Side Arrow 2 Times
– Click on the Left-Side Arrow 1 Time


Click on the Arrows in this order:

Note that when the code says, turn Right, you have to click Left-Side Arrow. And when it says Left, you have to click Right-Side arrow!

Right, Right, Right, Left, Right, Left, Left, Right

Once done, take the Screwdriver from inside, and zoom out [Arrow at Middle-Bottom]!

10. Move Right! You see the Oven on Right-Side [The long Grey Cylinder] – Move your Cursor/Mouse on Middle-Bottom part of the Oven, and then slowly move your Cursor/Mouse Up. Stop when the Cursor changes into a hand, and click to zoom in. Use Screwdriver on Top-Right side Screw, and take the Red Button [Button with Zig-Zag line = Power]. Zoom out [Arrow at Bottom-Middle]!

Move Right! Look near the Top-Left side of the Game Screen, and you’ll see a thin line/thread [If you look at the Most Top-Left side of screen, you’ll see that there are 2 Bricks before the Garage Door, on most top-left part. Look at the space between those 2 Bricks, and you’ll find your Line. Or click as a mad person around that part]. Use Lighter Fluid on Thread/Line (Press and hold, until the Bottle is gone). Use the Button/Shocker on Bottom-part of the thread/line (You’ll have to let the Top-part of the Button/Shocker, hit the Line/Thread) – zoom out [Arrow at Bottom-Middle]! Take the Key on Stone-pile, Move Right 2 Times, use Key on Door’s keyhole, and press the Arrow that points outside the Garage!

I hope this is helpful. I don’t even know why I am writing these walkthroughs, I’ve got a game to finish for Christmas. Guess I just want to help people more than making games (which is tiresome, but also fun when it’s done). Please enjoy reading this walkthrough, and let me know what you think about it :)

Type: Extremely Detailed Walkthrough | 10-Steps
Time Used: Medium Amount of Time
Written By: Prid