Escape at Any Cost is a pretty cool escape the room game, but it can also become challenging and difficult, so a walkthrough would certainly come in handy. Fortunately, for those who want to beat the game or figure out how to move forward if they got stuck, this step by step Escape at Any Cost walkthrough will be very helpful!

Complete Escape at Any Cost guide:

– Go right and pick up the gun from the soldier (who’s on the roof of the car)
– Click the car’s door and get the ladder, then go right.
– Click on the right side of the truck’s front to get the hook.
– Go left, back, turn around and notice the bent I bean to the left: get the red crowbar there!
– Get the hook from the right side of the front of the truck (left of the right headlight). Also, the the bricks from the left corner
– Turn around and go left. Use the latter with the grafitti and get the knife and the chain from the soldier
– In your inventory, combine the chain and the hook, then go down and left
– At the back of the car notice the ammo – take it! In your inventory, combine it with the gun.
– Click the end of the hallway and use the gun with the monster. Go forward, then left
– At the back of the truck is a trap – use knife with it, then turn around
– Use the crowbar with bench and get the wood and tacks. Combine these two in your inventory, then turn around and go right twice
– Climb the latter and get the hammer to the left. Combine it with the tacks and wood. Then go down and left.
– Use the hook with the front of the car’s hood then go right.
– Climb up the ladder and use the created bridge with the top of the power pole
– Combine tarp and bricks in inventory and get the counter balance. Then click the middle area of the bridge to climb out.
– Add the counter balance to the chain, then go back twice then left and notice that the police care has moved.
– Use the crowbar with the grate, then click the lid and you’re out!

I hope you’ve found this Escape at Any Cost walkthrough helpful!