Bethesda Studios have been flying to become one of gaming’s most respected corporations, following the Elder Scrolls lineup with Skyrim, which currently has sold over 10 million copies. If your familiar with the Elder Scrolls series, there’s no doubt you’d be familiar with the Elder Scrolls Online, the online installment of the Elder Scrolls series. With the formal PC release of this game, would the public reception be as great as the original?

Today, Zenimax Studios (the owner of Bethesda Studios) announced that they would be sending out a small wave of beta invitations, which is good news, but don’t be dis-heartened if you didn’t get a invitation, as the number of receivers was miniscule. If you were at PAX East, you would’ve had a chance to play the Elder Scrolls Online against 100+ other players in real-time combat. All the people who attended the event received a beta key, but there will be more beta keys sent out as the game progresses.

The beta-keys are part of a specific range of events called “Beta Events” where at the beginning of the Beta tests, the game will be available for play at specific times, and that’s that.

As the game progresses, the beta test window will be bigger and more players will be invited to join, needing thousands of players for AvA events. The invitation will include a game client link of around 20GB in size, so if your not prepared to fork over the memory, you can’t play the game.

We’ll select testers based on different criteria for each beta event depending on our needs for that test. For instance, we may invite players who indicated a preference for a certain type of content (PvE, PvP, crafting) or who reside in a certain territory for particular events, and for others, computer specs may play an important role. We’re not only looking for one type of tester or only for testers with top-of-the-line PCs; a broad range will be selected. [Zenimax Studios]

Your invitation will contain information about the focus of the test you’ve been invited to, so make sure to read it! You’ll be asked to complete surveys and submit feedback and bugs in-game as you play, and you may be asked to participate in additional surveys once the in-game portion of the test has concluded. The beta forums will also be available for feedback and discussion, so make sure to check them out.

The Elder Scrolls Online will be one of 2013’s biggest PC releases, and Zenimax is leading the rise. Will you play Elder Scrolls Online?