Dumb Ways To Die: Frustrating Addiction to Get a High Score

Dumb Ways To Die: Frustrating Addiction to Get a High Score

I knew it when I saw the title of this game that’s making a lot of victims on iPhone: Dumb Ways to Die will be a frustrating experience that will keep me glued to the toilet seat, trying to get better, but only managing to get closer and closer to full rage mode. And I was right! Dumb Ways To Die is fun, addictive and insanely frustrating. All the qualities of a great game!

The game consists of a series of minigames that have to be played over and over again, with your goal being to save characters from… dumb ways to die. The minigames range from protecting a guy’s private parts from piranhas to spelling “Patience” as fast as possible and cleaning up the puke over another character. Funny and always resulting in stupid deaths if you don’t act fast!

Hint: You can actually disable the flying mini-game (where you have to blow in your speaker to keep the plane going) in the game’s settings. It will save you a lot of frustation after you disable it and you will have less minigames to master. Like the puke one that I rarely manage to complete!

Dumb Ways to Die also comes with a strange and apparently random scoring system, where you get bonus points for being cool or lose points randomly to bad luck, as if things were not frustrating enough. And you’ll keep playing, because you will want to beat your high score, that of your friends and become the best. Which will result in your blood pressure growing and a few white hairs popping on your head, but it will all be worth it.

So if you’re ready for long toilet breaks, get Dumb Ways to Die and play it like a maniac. And share with us your tips to get better scores because we suck!