final fantasy iv

final fantasy ivOriginally released on the Nintendo DS back in 2008, the 3D remastering of Square’s classic Final Fantasy IV garnered a lot of loyal fans both old and new; it has been touted by many, myself included, as the superior version of the game, and with good reason. Merely updating the visuals of a classic title rarely makes the new version a hit, but re-imagining a once sprite-based 2D world in 3D, adding wonderfully done voices, and polishing already great gameplay to a mirror sheen can easily breathe new life into a classic title.

Earlier this year, the once DS exclusive made its way to iOS devices following a trend of re-releases on mobile platforms by Square Enix. Despite its high price point of $15.99, FFIV has done quite well for itself and, barring a few game-breaking glitches experienced by some users, has been labeled as a well-designed port that holds true to the spirit of the original game.

Today marks the day when the other half of mobile gamers, those with Android devices, will be able to get their hands on the now classic title. Square Enix has released Final Fantasy IV at the same price point of $15.99 on the Google Play Store.

I word of caution to anyone who has a rooted Android device: apparently rooted devices are unable to play the game; however, Square Enix is still able to take your money should you attempt to purchase it. Apart from this Final Fantasy IV seems to enjoying a rather successful first day on its new platform.

Source: Google Play