Whispered Secrets Into the BeyondWhenever I see the word “whispered” into my hidden object games, I tend to smile as I am sure we’re talking about a great game. The same goes for Whispered Secrets: Into the Beyond, a great hidden object adventure game that can be played also as a Match 3 adventure, so it really caters to all casual game lovers and, most importantly, offers you a nice change in case you get bored with one type of gameplay and you want the other. Although there are clearly no chances to get bored!

Here’s how the story in Whispered Secrets: Into the Beyond goes: “Journey to a strange new dimension in Whispered Secrets: Into the Unknown! You and your fiancé, Tim, have been happily preparing for your wedding day. But on the eve of your wedding, your future mother-in-law is poisoned. Tim has the scientific knowledge to cure her, but he’s just been abducted by a mad inventor! As you set out to find Tim, you quickly realize he’s been taken much farther away than you could have imagined – into another dimension! Explore a bizarre world and discover its secrets as you race against time to save your family.”

Being a Collector’s Edition, this game also comes with a set of great goodies, like wallpapers and game art. And we’re talking about a really beautiful game too, as you will sure see for yourself.

The story is also well written, with good and believable dialogs, and everything about this game is charming. It’s not insanely original, but it’s a game well done.

So head over to Big Fish Games and download Whispered Secrets: Into the Beyond right away!