plagiariiPlagiarii makes me think about old school hidden object games and even though that is a bonus in my case, for you it might be a turn off. Still, you should give it a try because there are many interesting elements with this latest release over at Big Fish Games.

Here’s the story of Plagiarii: “Evelyn awoke locked up in a strange place, her whole life overturned. Even in her strangest dreams, she never could have predicted what extraordinary phenomena would soon overcome her existence: memory loss, mysterious disappearances, encounters with an unknown intelligent species, time travel. Help Evelyn escape her confinement, discover the truth behind these unusual events, present humanity with a priceless gift, and find true love along the way.”

The graphics are not really the best you will ever see in a hidden object adventure game, but at least they go well with the entire “old school HO game” concept and for some reason they make you skip what would be in any other case a drawback.

Except for that, you have your regular set of mini games to keep you busy and a lot of hidden object scenes to test your spotting skills in. A pretty decent game, as I said, for those who miss the old days of hidden object gaming.

Head over to Big Fish games to download Plagiarii.