When you have a game that deals with such a delicate subject, you know that you want to play for that reason alone. That’s the case of PuppetShow: The Price of Immortality, the latest hidden object adventure released over at Big Fish Games and today’s recommendation from Unigamesity as the best new game to download and play.

So let’s start by checking out the story behind PuppetShow: The Price of Immortality:

The Theater of Emotions has earned quite the reputation. It’s known all over France for its menagerie of life-like puppets, but it’s also notorious for all the reporters who have vanished trying to reveal its magical secrets. When your best friend, star reporter Enrique Torres, infiltrates the town to get the scoop of the century, he discovers the truth… only to vanish just as mysteriously as all the others. Now it’s up to you to find him! Just watch your back… You don’t know who you can trust anymore. Will this become the big story that makes your journalistic career? Or will it become your final assignment?

A great new title in the PuppetShow series, The Price of Immortality, comes with some really amazing graphics that you will simply end up loving. There are also a lot of nice touches, like the collectible dolls that you gather during your adventure, upgrade them and use them for various advantages in the game.

The hidden object scenes themselves are a bit repetitive (you play scenes more than once, but with different requirements), but I didn’t find that a problem because they are extremely well done and there are always new elements. The mini games are on the easy side but fortunately there are some really interesting ones so you’ll most likely enjoy them all.

All in all, PuppetShow: The Price of Immortality is a really good game that all fans of the hidden object adventure genre should download and play: I guarantee you’ll have a ton of fun! So head over to Big Fish Games and get this title now!