I really enjoy the twisted premise of Psycho Train, the latest hidden object adventure game released over at Big Fish Games and today’s recommendation for a great download. And I must admit that it’s certainly one of the most unique adventures that I have embarked on recently. Hopefully you will agree too after finding out more about Psycho Train.

The game’s story goes like this: Save your daughter from an evil ghost in Psycho Train! Explore the train and its abandoned station, search for well-hidden clues, and solve mind-bending puzzles. Each step forward will reveal more of the shocking truth behind your daughter’s disappearance! Don’t let your fears get the better of you, and don’t look away, no matter what you see. Board Psycho Train, and begin your journey towards the unknown!

This is not really your usual hidden object adventure game as it does feature some pretty scary and spooky locations, as well as one of the villains ever, but if you can handle a bit of pressure, then you will certainly love it.

The graphics are by far this title’s strong point: everything looks absolutely amazing, with a lot of attention paid to detail. Unfortunately for the fans of the hidden object scenes, you won’t get a ton of them as they are pretty much far between, but there’s an abundance of mini games that you get to play and solve (none of which are too difficult), so they compensate for the lack of more HoS.

So even though it’s not a mind blowing experience, Psycho Train delivers great visual quality, a pretty nice story and a well done psycho thriller and it definitely has its great moments.

Overall, I really enjoyed the game and I am sure you will too, so head over to Big Fish Games and download Psycho Train to see if it’s worth your time.