PAX East saw Rockstar deliver a Max Payne 3 demo to the fans and the press and the praise never seemed to end after people played the demo. Which naturally means that everybody wants to download it and give the game a try before it’s full release.

However, Rockstar have a different opinion and they have no intention of releasing a Max Payne 3 demo available for download for the masses. The announcement was made by the developers themselves who posted the exact same message on Twitter: “There are no plans for a demo of Max Payne 3.”

It shouldn’t come as a major surprise that there will be no demo for the upcoming shooter – Rockstar are known for not releasing demos for their games and a debate we had here on Unigamesity about game demos being game killers might give us some reasons why they don’t do it. Either way, I am sure that many fans will be really disappointed that they won’t be able to download a Max Payne 3 demo and get some hands on experience with the game before the full release.