Deus Ex: The Fall is an upcoming mobile title from Square Enix. This action-stealth game is set in the Deus Ex universe and the plot follows James Swallows novel Deus Ex: Icarus Effect. This release will be a great impulse on the mobile market and a guarantee that this emergent industry can support complex titles like the Deus Ex series. Square Enix’s Adam Badke commented on the upcoming title:

Deus Ex: The Fall brings the Deus Ex universe we all love to gamers on mobile platforms – no small achievement, considered the legacy of this epic franchise. But the big question is: can mobile devices today serve up the full Deus Ex experience you’ve come to expect in all its black and gold glory? The answer is: absolutely! The Fall includes the same great features that made Human Revolution so popular on PC and consoles: hacking, stealth, smart combat, and of course, new layers of conspiracy.

In preparation for E3, the company lunched an introduction trailer, check it out here:

The game is expected to be released during this summer for iOS and Android systems and it will cost $6.99.