Dead Space is a survival horror game which is considered by some as the scariest video game ever made. It was developed by EA’s Redwood studio and published by Electronic Arts. The game was released on October 14, 2008. Below you will find a full collection of cheat codes and unlockables for Dead Space for PlayStation 3.


Pause game play and type any of the following codes. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Press Start to resume the game with the code activated. Please note: Some codes may only be enabled once per game. Also, codes that have multiple tiers (for example, credits) only take effect when activated in order (lowest to highest).

Refill oxygen
Press Square(twice), Triangle(three times).

Refill Stasis and Kinesis energy
Press Square, Triangle(twice), Square, Triangle.

+2 Nodes
Press Triangle, Square(three times), Triangle.

+5 Nodes
Press Triangle, Square, Triangle, Square(twice), Triangle, Square(twice), Triangle, Square(twice), Triangle.

+1,000 Credits
Press Square(three times), Triangle, Square.

+2,000 Credits
Press Square(three times), Triangle(twice).

+5,000 Credits
Press Square(three times), Triangle, Square, Triangle.

+10,000 Credits
Press Square, Triangle(three times), Square(twice), Triangle.


You will get completion bonuses if you complete the game and save it, then continue on your cleared saved game file. You will get the bonuses:

– Ten Power Nodes
– 50,000 credits
– The back story log entries
– Impossible difficulty setting
– Level 6 Military suit schematic