crysis-2-cover-storyThe first batch of solid details, including screenshots, from Crysis 2 will come via PC Gamer Magazine, who will offer the first look for the game on its February 2010 issue. Yes, 2009 is not over yet, but it appears that Crysis 2 is that big so you can have a teaser to a preview a couple of months before it’s made available. Pretty cool, we must admit it!

The cover of the magazine will look just like the one you see to the left (via incrysis), and as we can see it will feature world exclusive first screens, as well as details regarding a “mind-blowing new direction” for the game, which can stir up quite a few debates on the Internet!

There are also a few rumors regarding an interview with the game’s Executive Producer Nathan Camarillo and a few well-placed phrases like “far from tropical” and “increased verticality” are said to have gotten out of his mouth.

So yes, there’s a new direction for Crysis 2. And until we have the details from the print magazine, let your imagination fly away and share with us what do you think the new Crysis will bring us!