Dennaton Games managed to create a nutty yet popular game; Hotline Miami. You are put in the shoes of someone whose mental state becomes increasing questionable as the game progresses. You are a nameless murderer killing his way through the criminal underworld with a series of increasingly violent and bloody hits. It is a fairly cryptic game with only a small amount of explanation near the end.

The contents of the Tweet are as follows: “LSSRUTB UYO SEEL LNLS ERED LEH” The indie studio did something similar with other potential updates so this could be something similar.  Some of the possible translations being “RUSSELL THE BULL ONLY SEES RED” or “LET HELL BURN DRESSES YOU SELL;” it is still a mystery.

As anyone who played the game would know there were in fact hidden messages in it; so this may just be a continuation of that in preparation for Hotline’s sequel. These messages were coded in a similar way so many fans are riled up and are already trying to crack the new one.

This may be a secret code to for the next game or it may just be one of the developers getting drunk and typing random stuff on their social media network. Or someone may have hacked their account. Ultimately time will tell whether this is more shenanigans or a successful attempt to get fans attention.