There was a time in Restaurant City where waiters and cooks have shorter shifts. Valentines came and the shift limits were increased from three to four hours before their stamina are drained. It was also during that time when sweets were introduced.

Now an in-game pop up announces that Restaurant City will introduce longer opening hours soon. Will this mean that waiters can now serve up to twelve hours before they get tired?

Also according to the announcement, sweets will be removed from Restaurant City. If you still have extra sweets, you should use them now or they will be lost forever. Free gifting of the sweets will be removed as well.

Also this week, Restaurant City will have a new theme. The Under the Sea Theme will be released this Thursday and will feature new items to decorate your restaurant and turn it into an underwater one. We’ll keep you posted as soon as the new items are released.

Are you looking forward for this new feature in Restaurant City? Will this new innovation bring in new players into the game and bring back the old ones as well? What other features do you want to see in Restaurant City?