Now you can track the progress of the various recipes that give out rewards at maximum level. When you’re playing Restaurant City, you can access the Special Collectible Items by clicking on the treasure chest icon located between the Sale and Sushi Bar icons.

Once you clicked on it, it will show the dishes’ progress and the reward you’ll get once you reached Level 10 of the dish. At present I have three Special Collectible Items that are in progress. These are the Sunken Ship Prow from the new Chili Crabs dish, Shrinking Customers from the Drink Me, and the Pet Cheshire Cat from the Eat Me.

The Sunken Ship Prow is a new decorative item that’s part of this week’s Under the Sea theme, which will be officially launched this Thursday, May 27. Restaurant City fans were given free Crabs to jump start their campaign to level up the Chili Crabs dish.

As you can see, the Sushi Bar is separated from the others, although it is a reward from maxing out the Salmon Sashimi dish. Anyway, you can still track its progress through the Sushi Bar icon.

The Special Collectible Items is a good way to track the various special dishes available in Restaurant City. Will we see more in the future?