Players requested for it and Zynga gave in. Now players can craft more vehicles and weapons with their Chop Shop and Weapons Depot but it comes with a price.

Now you can instantly craft a vehicle or item with you Chop Shop or Weapons Depot by using your Rewards Points in Mafia Wars. At present you can craft just on item within a 24-hour period. Zynga gives you the chance to craft another one within that period but you need to spend a Reward Point for every two hours left in the cool time.

That means you need at least twelve reward points to instantly crate another weapon after building one through the Weapons Depot. This is also true with the Chop Shop. Let’s say you have ten hours left to wait. You’ll need five Rewards Points to craft another one.

If you think this is just another way of Zynga getting more money from the players, twelve Reward Points is actually worth it, especially if you’ll spend it to make a Railgun to get a +5 Attack bonus. That is much better than spending fourteen Reward Points for +4 Skills Points.