At the moment of writing, only a few lucky people have access to the highly anticipated FarmVille Farmer’s Market feature, but it will really soon be released for all players. So I have decided to create a comprehensive Farmer’s Market guide to share with you and answer to all the questions you might have regarding this new feature, as well as explain everything you have to do in order to get the best out of this new FarmVille feature.

What is the Farmer’s Market?

This is a new feature that increases interaction levels between FarmVille neighbors by introducing crop bushels – something similar to the perfect bunches – which in turn give players the option to trade or gain more goodies from harvesting.

But in order to activate the Farmer’s Market, you need a Market Stall. How can you get one? Well, that’s pretty easy: once you harvest your first bushel (randomly awarded, just like the perfect bunches), you will get a pop-up message similar to the one in the upper left corner (click to enlarge) and once you click the “Okay” button you’ll automatically receive a Market Stall that awaits to be placed on your farm.

Alternately, you can purchase a Market Stall from the Market, under the Buildings section, for 50,000 coins or 20 FV Cash. You can’t have more than five total Stalls on your farm and each farm can only hold one type of crop bushel. The ability to purchase a Market Stall for coins is based on the number of extra neighbors you gain after purchasing the first Market Stall, so it might be wise to use Unigamesty’s popular article How to Get More FarmVille Neighbors to get that sorted out!

Now that you have your Market Stall(s) installed, it’s time to use them. Whenever you’re harvesting full grown crops, you have a chance to collect bushels from them. Whenever you collect a bushel from your crops, you’ll see this notification similar to the one below appear just above your neighbor bar:

When you access the Farmer’s Market (using the pulldown menu), you can check out the My Bushels tab, showing which bushels you have collected FROM NEIGHBORS; the My Stall tab which shows the bushels you are offering; and the Get Bushels tab which shows the bushels available to collect from neighbors.

Bushels are only available for 24 hours after finding the last bushel, meaning that if you find a new bushel when there are just 5 minutes left of the timer, it will reset to 24 hours again. Also, for each level of Mastery you have for the crop in the Farmer’s Market, extra 8 hours are added, meaning that a farmer with level two mastery for the crop in the Market will have the timer set to 40 Hours.

Clicking the Get Bushels button will show you a list with all the bushels available from your neighbors. Clicking a specific one will take you to the neighbor who’s offering it and allow you to get up to three bags of that crop (you can repeat each 24 hours). Also, you can’t collect more than 50 total bushels from your neighbors over a 24 hour period.

You can hold up to 50 bushels in your inventory, and each bushel can be shared or used. Clicking the Share button on any bushel will allow you to offer up a number of bushels of your choosing to your friends, via a wall feed.

However, using the bushels grants you a BONUS and consumes the bushels. The type of bonus you receive depends on more factors. If it’s a crop you can’t plant yet due to level restrictions, you’ll receive a 2 hour license that allows you to plant that crop for yourself.

If you can already plant that crop, but it is not mastered, you will get +1 Mastery for each crop of that kind that you harvest in the upcoming two hours. If the crop is already mastered, each crop you harvest in the next couple of hours will give you +1 XP. So it would be smart to only use the bushels at most 2 hours before your crops are ready!

Farmer’s Market rewards!

You can also win rewards whenever your neighbors use YOUR Market Stall! You will know if any neighbor did it since there will be an arrow pointing at the market stall. Viewing the interior of the Stall will show you the three rewards that you can choose from:

All in all, a really complex and interesting update that spices up FarmVille quite a lot. What do you think about the Farmer’s Market?

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