In the guide of the Farmer’s Market I told you that you can get rewards if your neighbors use your Market Stall to collect crop bushels from. I will details the rewards system even further in this post, giving you all the details you need in order to completely understand how this process works.

So, if a neighbor uses your Market Stall, you will know since there will be a golden arrow pointing down at your Stall. Clicking it will show you a set of three rewards out of which you can choose to get one (as in the image in the upper left corner – click to enlarge!).

The size of reward you can receive is determined by the number of people that have taken bushels from your Stall, and is different for each reward.

– Coins=400 per person
– Fuel=15 Units per person (Unit=1 Notch on the Fuel gauge)
– XP=10 per person

NOTE: Only one visit to your Market Stall per person is counted per 24 hours. So if your neighbor heads to your Stall, takes one Bushel and leaves that counts as his visit. Returning later that day to get another bushel does not give you another point toward your rewards. Also, you can only collect 12 points toward rewards every 12 hours. Therefore, the most points toward rewards that you can receive is 24. Once you’ve had 24 visits, your rewards totals will not increase.

When you have rewards available, you do not have to accept them immediately. Each time you visit your stall, you can elect to wait until later once more people have used your stall to redeem greater rewards. To return to your rewards, click the ‘Collect’ button that becomes available in the ‘Your Stall Is Offering’ section of the My Stall menu.